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Reduce capital expenditures, increase productivity and mobility with CloudVoice


Move to CloudVoice, powered by 3CX, to replace your existing PBX system.  The 3CX Phone System – an award-winning open standard Windows-based IP PBX that replaces a traditional proprietary hardware PBX whilst providing enterprise-style features at a fraction of the cost.


With CloudVoice you can get a complete full-featured phone system without the high capital expense of owning and maintaining a server.  CloudVoice is hosted in the cloud eliminating the need for expensive servers and is affordable with different plans to fit your needs.  Utilizing a SIP trunk to replace existing phone lines provides cost savings and flexibility while maintaining your existing phone numbers.


Top Advantages of CloudVoice system:

  • Work from anywhere with iOS and Android clients

  • Save on your phone bill with SIP Trunks & Mobile / Remote clients

  • Integrated video conferencing using WebRTC

  • Better customer service with advanced call queues

  • Integrate with CRM & Accounting software

  • Standards based – use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks

  • Click 2 Call from your website

  • Low capital expenditures

  • Always have access to latest software updates

  • Complete system is backed up, including voice mails, nightly

  • No equipment to maintain onsite



CloudVoice works with most SIP compatible phones; click here for a list of recommened phones.  The CloudVoice plans listed below do not include phones, those will need to be purchased separately.  Phones can be powered by PoE switches or by dedicated power supply.   Simply pick the phones you want and the plan that fits your needs.  Additional phones/extensions can be added at any time.

CloudVoice Service Plans

*Max Simultaneous Calls: The maximum number of simultaneous calls (internal and external) that can be made.  This is based on the 3CX license and can be upgrade for an additional cost if needed.


**Feature DIDS: DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) that include features such as e911.


Total montly cost can be determined by taking number of needed extensions multiplied by the cost per month.  SIP trunk cost is included in this total but will be billed separately.

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